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Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners -


The mission of the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners is to help protect the health and safety of the Citizens of the State of Texas by ensuring that our drinking water, air and medical gases are not contaminated and that we may live and work in the safe conditions that properly installed plumbing systems are designed to provide. Through enforcement of the Plumbing License Law, including examination, licensing and registration of the plumbing industry, the Board ensures that qualified individuals following clear standards protect the citizens' health and safety.


Here is their info :

By mail:
Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
P.O. Box 4200
Austin, Texas 78765-4200
Physical address
(for deliveries or overnight shipments):
929 East 41st St., Austin, TX 78751

By fax:
(512) 450-0637
(all departments except Complaints/Enforcement)
(512) 302-5090
(Complaint/Enforcement Dept.)

By eMail:

By telephone:

Toll Free Number (within Texas)
(800) 845-6584

Austin Local Number
(512) 936-5200

Extensions by department:

Renewal informationext. 65248

Initial Apprentice registration information ext. 65248

Examination information ext. 65250

Complaint informationext. 65249

Code informationext. 65221

License Law/Board Rule interpretation ext. 65221

Enforcement Informationext. 65221

Open records requestsext. 65224

Accounts Payableext. 65226

Administrationext. 65224

Agency Administration:

Executive Director - Robert L. Maxwell(512) 936-5224

Executive Assistant - Denise Sample (512) 936-5224

Director of Financial Operations - Richard L. Herman(512) 936-5225

Director of Enforcement - Lisa G. Hill(512) 936-5221

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